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Around the time I was born my parents saw an ad about WOG being released on iPad. so they bought it.
Then a few years later me my brother and my dad were about to play a game and we accidentally clicked on WOG and we did it also. Then at a public place I found out it was avallible for computers which made me remember the game again . I reset my profile because i didn't remember that much of the game and then I was searching videos on YouTube about how to do a level I was stuck on and i saw a video of custom levels in suggested videos and then I discovered Goofans! I created my account but since I completed the whole game and gootool isn't available for iPad, I stopped playing but I always remembered wog. One day I opened my mail and saw my old email to register at Goofans. I downloaded wog on my computer and from then I've been doing custom levels once in a while. If I ever decide to do my own custom level I'll need some help!

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