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Create level, in future i styding to pro draw and make team for making World Of Goo 2

World of Goo

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SerafimGWS hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Hello Real World

Not ISH version Hello World

ISH Version Super Fuse Challenge Time

ISH Version with new goo balls

This is a second paragraph which shouldn't appear.

Mysterious place

New ISH level with new gooballs - ZBomb Throowble and Pokey Black

WoG - Everlasting Evening

All (almost all) of the pictures were completely recoloured into black, and the background is the theme of the evening and the russian language still stands here, so if you want I will create the English version (in English). Rate it, please.

English version is here!

??? - level


Green Hills Rain

This is level made on old idea (idea created 2 years ago)

Arms up

Sorry for such a long wait, laziness and a lot of things. And I am preparing another level for the same theme on which this level is made. Have a nice game!

Wrong Regugitation Pumping Station

This mod is still at the development stage, because there should be a cutscene, and 1: it does not exist (there is an idea), 2: I cannot make cutscene. 3.I do not know how to insert castsen so that it will be reproducible after the end of the level. So, be content with what you have.

Going Up Old

I found scrennshot of old version level Going Up and try to remake it


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