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Create level, in future i styding to pro draw and make team for making World Of Goo 2

World of Goo

Towers by SerafimGWS

SerafimGWS hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

Addins by SerafimGWS

Black Lake

This level are some same like Winter Tower level but i made thi level by Old version of 1 Island.

Big Divide

The remade of level from a wallpaper.

The Big Underground Challenge

Our with Monochrome_95 version of lost level form Worlf of Goo. Thx to Fedor Ilyukhin#9442 for loopsound.

Jungle Adventure

This idea some taken from terraria (little bit) and from UKW (Toxic mod, Trees (I draw my own version of this trees)).

Digital Landscape

Custom ISH level, with "new" style and new gooballs.

Update v.1.1
Splats are now green
OCD changed from balls,8 to moves,12
Particules are changed form mistRigh, ish_BigLeaves and ish_smallLeaves to heavyBrezeeLeft, ish_RainLeavesLeft x 2
Text, Cursor and other are green!

Winter Tower

This is big custom level, with again a huge tower. This level i create by old version of Cog In The Machine.

The Big Bone Challenge

My and Monochrome_95 version of lost level of World of Goo

First Hand Smoke

My verison of 1 lost level of World of Goo

Custom Level - The Black Lands

Hmm, what are happened with this place?
Why all is black?
- Not black? Sign Painter

Rise - Custom World of Goo Level

Again custom level for ch.2 of WoG 1/2 (Unoficial Sicwel)


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