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Create level, in future i styding to pro draw and make team for making World Of Goo 2

World of Goo

Towers by SerafimGWS

SerafimGWS hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Custom Level - The Black Lands

Hmm, what are happened with this place?
Why all is black?
- Not black? Sign Painter

Rise - Custom World of Goo Level

Again custom level for ch.2 of WoG 1/2 (Unoficial Sicwel)

World Of Goo: The Anomaly Lands

Map World View


This mod was made by SerafimGWS and Monochrome_95, compiled by Toxic Goo


Astronauts from the future landed on a new planet and they did the job
to clean the entire planet from anomalies resulting from toxins that have accumulated in a long time.


3 Chapters are done.


- Chapter 1 has been updated, we have added OCD flags to the map.
- We made Chapter 2, and you can download it right now.
- In Chapter 2 you can play in 10 levels.
- Added a cutscene to Chapter 1.

Graceful Stage

This is remake of lost level of WoG

Strange Place - Mario Forever

I add some thing from Mario Forever and this level for jEAnsowaty (my friend)

Hello Real World

Not ISH version Hello World

ISH Version Super Fuse Challenge Time

ISH Version with new goo balls

This is a second paragraph which shouldn't appear.

Mysterious place

New ISH level with new gooballs - ZBomb Throowble and Pokey Black

WoG - Everlasting Evening

All (almost all) of the pictures were completely recoloured into black, and the background is the theme of the evening and the russian language still stands here, so if you want I will create the English version (in English). Rate it, please.

English version is here!

??? - level



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