Cog In The Machine - Remake of the lost level

Authors: SerafimGWS, Monochrome_95, SuperMany
Total downloads: 460
Latest version: 1.0
Release date: 08/05/2020 - 10:50
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Remake of Remake of Remake of level from ToG realese
Main of level (ground image) and BG - SuperMany
Text for Sign Post - Monochrome_95
Level by 2DBoy (original idea) SerafimGWS (remake).
That maybe my last level and addin on GF, because i don't have motivation for making levels + making level are boring in 2020.

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Screenshot from WoG trailer video
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1.0AllWed, 08/05/2020 - 10:50WoGB.RoRoR.CITM.goomod921.02 KB460

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