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The switch

This weird switch was made recently.
Turn it!
Has anyone done this?

Virtual Road

This is my first addon-level that I posted on the site.(Caution, strong wind!)
Это мой первый мод-уровень который я выложил на сайт.(Осторожно, сильный ветер!)
И да если вы будете играть на русском языке в настройках Gootool, табличка будет пуста.(если у вас не русская версия гуу)

World Of Goo: The Anomaly Lands

Map World View


This mod was made by SerafimGWS and Monochrome_95, compiled by Toxic Goo


Astronauts from the future landed on a new planet and they did the job
to clean the entire planet from anomalies resulting from toxins that have accumulated in a long time.


3 Chapters are done.


- Chapter 1 has been updated, we have added OCD flags to the map.
- We made Chapter 2, and you can download it right now.
- In Chapter 2 you can play in 10 levels.
- Added a cutscene to Chapter 1.


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