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Hello, my name is Maxim, i'm from Russia. And i'm making mods for world of goo.

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Monochrome_95 hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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the information superhighway newer and retro level pack

just something inspired by Jhonen Vasquez

so i just see on of those invader zim games called No Straight Roads and it kind of reminds me of the information superhighway a bit so i made a level kit by my other old new friend Goomatz and he's like a British bunny friend of mine and i use the beauty for that new beautiful virtual underwater level aqua highway and ya its inspired by one of Monochrome's level called Surfing The Internet if you haven't played yet go ahead



Slime Gooball!

 What's that? 
It's sticky version of water gooball, 
but it also dies when touching fire, so be careful.

Throwable Bomb


Brand New Bomb type, that you can grab and throw! :-y

 How to use Trowable Bomb:
1. Throw a bomb at the wall and make sure there is fire in front of the wall
2. Enjoy the result.

Cave Fruits


Music: Halo 3 OST - Sierra 117

Cog In The Machine - Remake of the lost level

Remake of Remake of Remake of level from ToG realese
Main of level (ground image) and BG - SuperMany
Text for Sign Post - Monochrome_95
Level by 2DBoy (original idea) SerafimGWS (remake).
That maybe my last level and addin on GF, because i don't have motivation for making levels + making level are boring in 2020.

Surfing The Internet


Song name: Kelly Bailey - Apprehension and Evasion

Destruction of Barriers


At first glance, everything looks very simple, but! I assure you, this is not the case.
Also on the level there is an improvised ball with one eye that performs the function of destruction.

Hang Towers


This level is combination of "Hang Low" and "Ivy Towers"

Idea by Daxperrin

srewoT yvI


Same place, same towers, but something's wrong...

Incineration Vane


Yep, this level is combination of two levels: Weather Vane and Incineration Destination


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