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Hello, i'm from Russia.
And i'm making mods for world of goo.

World of Goo

Towers by Monochrome_95

Monochrome_95 hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Minecraft Sandbox


I installed minecraft texture pack for blockheads.


This mod includes:

- Wood Block
- Glass Block
- Grass Block
- Dirt Block
- Cobblestone Block
- Bedrock Block

And also adds dispencers for that blocks.

WoG BETA pack

free to download

hello chapes this is a beta pack I made feature the old BETA vershion of some of the WoG levels that are been made for a looooong time ago

Little Fuse and StickyBomb Gooballs

That's how it looks like

This is little versions of Sticky Bomb and Fuse Ball.
You can use it anywhere you want, on levels, maps and etc.

big and tiny tower,s

one of theme are small with a help of the ballon goo's

a pack made by me and monochrome
if you want to have the little and the huge goo's that mono made Laughing out loud

Huge Common Ball

This is regular common ball, but it's big and heavy. Also this gooball can be ballbusted.

Little Common Goo

It's something like Distant gooball, but colored and you can't detach it.
This thing can be used on level maps or something.

World Of Goo: The Anomaly Lands

Map World View


This mod was made by SerafimGWS and Monochrome_95, compiled by Toxic Goo


Astronauts from the future landed on a new planet and they did the job
to clean the entire planet from anomalies resulting from toxins that have accumulated in a long time.


3 Chapters are done.


- Chapter 1 has been updated, we have added OCD flags to the map.
- We made Chapter 2, and you can download it right now.
- In Chapter 2 you can play in 10 levels.
- Added a cutscene to Chapter 1.

Graceful Stage

This is remake of lost level of WoG


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