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Hello, my name is Maxim, i'm from Russia. And i'm making mods for world of goo.

World of Goo

Towers by Monochrome_95

Monochrome_95 hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

Addins by Monochrome_95

World of Goo - The Jorney Continues

Created by Monochrome and SerafimGWS, Compiled By Jim2102.
2nd Chapter is crashing, so we have only 1 chapter.
If what we with other people creating other mod with chapter named same (Route 0 ) because that mod not get continue.

Red Winter


Devourers Appears!

The Big Underground Challenge

Our with Monochrome_95 version of lost level form Worlf of Goo. Thx to Fedor Ilyukhin#9442 for loopsound.

The Big Bone Challenge

My and Monochrome_95 version of lost level of World of Goo

New day in WoG Corp.


Welcome to world of goo corporation, we are testing our new product: "Cassettes"!


Also you can use images or cassettes in your mods, it's absolutly free idea.

Hell Divide

Welcome to hell!

Another World


Welcome to this new and mysterious world!

Perfect Vine System


Made little bit experiments with ISH level thematic.

Minecraft Sandbox


I installed minecraft texture pack for blockheads.


This mod includes:

- Wood Block
- Glass Block
- Grass Block
- Dirt Block
- Cobblestone Block
- Bedrock Block

And also adds dispencers for that blocks.

WoG BETA pack

free to download

hello chapes this is a beta pack I made feature the old BETA vershion of some of the WoG levels that are been made for a looooong time ago


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