World of Goo: The Unknown World

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Before you continue, The Unknown World is continuing development during, as well as after, is archived. Do not panic!! While I may not be able to upload the new chapters or give updates, everything will be available somewhere. I'll be certain to find a spot where new chapters for The Unknown World can be downloaded from. I'll let you know via my youtube channel


This is an unofficial version of World of Goo 2008

Long after World of Goo Corporation disappeared and goo ball populations depleted, humanity struggles to find a reliable new source of energy. After having been isolated in space for so long, you receive a mysterious distress signal from a world no one knows about. Upon landing your rocket however, something goes horribly wrong. After an indeterminate amount of time you awake, having washed up on a beach. You are greeted by the many different goo balls you brought along with you, as well as a mysterious figure that communicates through paper notes. With the rocket in pieces, it is now your goal to lead the goo balls to safety and reclaim fragments of your rocket ship. However, the journey will not be as simple as you may hope. From the forgotten remnants of human settlements to long lost ruins of an ancient civilization, your journey will spark curiosity, danger, and existentialism. Will you recover all parts of the rocket? Will you ever find out what happened to this new world? Will you ever find out why you were chosen? The Unknown World awaits your arrival!

Download Chapter 1 here!:

Chapter 2 is under development!

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World of Goo: The Unknown World (Chapter 1 Trailer)
World of Goo: The Unknown World (Chapter 1 Trailer)
by StrixToxis.
UKW Chapter 2 Teaser
UKW Chapter 2 Teaser
by StrixToxis.

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