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Pixelyne hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Bone Carpet

no cheese wedges allowed

can't think of a description uhhhhhhh the red carpet but bone

Rotting Man

he looks like a block of cream cheese -someone on the goofans discord

I was working on recreating ALL the WoG levels, but with bone goo, i even made some variations of bone goo with the abilities of other goos. since the project is cancelled right now for uh, reasons... i'll post what it's left of it in this site.
i may work in it again in the near future.


This would most likely happen.

this level is a hard version of a hard level. probably unbeatable.
good luck!

Dark Themed Contest

Hey! The contest is finally here!


1st: SerafimGWS


SerafimGWS - Dark Swamp:
-17 points
Saman izadi (samangamer)- ChainReaction:
-15 points
pixelyne - Hello?:
-10 points
Crazydiamonde - Cave Of Illumination:
-8 points
Blazer88 - DeathChamber:
-8 points
Iodine-127 - Dreary Cavern:
-3 points

Thanks for participating!!

Goofans Contest | 16/07/2021


This is contest in Western Theme!

Authors of the levels:

Blazer89 - Route 100
Volcanojungle - Gold Mine
Iodine-127 - Goo Canyon
Pixelyne - Ranchy's Long Western Road

Map music: Kevin MacLeod - Western Streets


Contest Winner: Volcanojungle !

Structure Snapper 3

Go snap that structure for the last time! if you can.

You thought i was done?

Goofans Level Design Contest Volume 3

Here's a look at the chapter. I dunno what other images to use.

At last, the third level design contest is finally out! The theme for this contest was "Vanilla", and as of now currently has the most submissions as of yet!

P.S. this chapter is also compatible with other goomods! Try it out, it's pretty neat.

Update: The winner of this contest was APerson, with their level "Rainy Day" Congrats!

Structure Snapper 2

Go snap that structure again!

why do i keep making stuff so fast



an easy, small level i made using forcefields. Enjoy!

An Interesting place but HARD


ye, probably the last one


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