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Welcome to my profile.

Sometimes I do stuff. Yeah.
I mainly create big chapter mods, and I have one finished that you can check out!
My bigger, better, second project is currently in development. You can play it here as development progresses:
Here's some links to stuff...
Soundcloud: (This is where I upload OST for my projects!)
GooFans Discord: (Best way to get in touch with me (Though I have DM messages disabled))

World of Goo

Towers by Toxic Goo
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ToxicGooSat, 12/15/2018 - 18:5013.35m9712 weeks 4 days
ToxicGooSat, 11/02/2019 - 19:3512.51m7432 weeks 7 hours
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Square Up


This is my first crack at a composite-geom-trap-level.... thats what it is, hope you enjoy!

This level contains 3 new goo, and something unexpected! I plan to make a bunch of composite-geo-errrm... you know what i mean! I plan to make a bunch of levels like these and turn it into a chapter!

WOG: Code Red


World Of Goo Code Red Is In Beta And Has 1 Chapter.

Download Link:

Special Thanks To Gooey Goo And Toxic Goo For Helping Me Along The Way

Ver 1.0
-Chapter 1 is released!
-5 new levels!
-5 new gooballs!
Green Goo
Red Goo
Yellow Goo
Blue Goo
Security Goo

Make Sure To Join The WOG Discord!
enjoy Smile

World of Goo: Lost in Paradise

Lost In Paradise


(This is a fan-made sequel to Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel's World of Goo)

Toxic Goo presents a five chapter mod with new gooballs, levels and concepts!

(This mod is very large, so it has been broken into two parts, you have to install and activate both parts of the mod in order to play Smile)

This version may have updates, mainly on OCD changes. Make sure you have the latest version! If you have any thoughts, questions or criticism, leave it in the comments!

If Tower Of Goo Had Predators...

It is exactly what it sounds.. predators make the tower of goo level WAY harder! I made this because I was bored...


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