Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation Of The Ruined City

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Release date: 05/02/2015 - 20:31
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Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation Of The Ruined City is my eighth chapter. This is the first part from my cancelled trilogy Epic Goo Tales. It has 8 levels. This is the first chapter to include a new level system called “sub–levels.” There are two levels in the chapter with that level system. The first single level “Metropolis” includes 3 parts and so for the level “The Root Of All Evil.” It is a very dark chapter with a dark story. The main goo ball used in this chapter is the “Emo Ivy.” There are 6 sub-levels sol the total levels in this chapter is 14. This is the most unsuccessful chapter I have released, grossing about 299 downloads along with "Go Long."

Single levels

Released: April 25, 2015

“Go Long”
Released: May 1, 2015

Background of the story

The main goal in the chapter is to destroy a city called Metropolis ruined by a massive number of buildings that could lead to the city’s end. The level “Metropolis” directly describes the city. The origin of the crime is unknown. There is no existing person/character responsible for building the many buildings in the city. The story is an oxymoron.

Creation Period

The chapter was created for 2 weeks. It was made on the same equipment I use to make my addins. There are no problems when I have tested it for the first time. Since I am an experienced addin maker who has released many chapters, it is an easy job to make chapters. The first level to be created is the sub level “I. Bomb Threat”, a part of the level “Metropolis.” It starts with a “.SlipKnoT.22” logo and explodes after a few seconds.

Level Listing
All levels created by .SlipKnoT._2_2

1. Metropolis
2. Metropolis I: Bomb Threat
3. Metropolis II: Getting Out II
4. Metropolis III: Engage!
5. Crossing Path
6. Bugging Bugs
7. Precautions and Danger
8. Drop It
9. A Long Walk To Regret
10. Go Long
11. The Root of All Evil
12. The Root of All Evil I: Destruction!
13. The Root of All Evil II: Robbery
14. The Root of All Evil III: The Killing Hand

New custom goo balls used:
Emo Ivies- the main goo balls used throughout the chapter. They are poison-able ivies ball that have black and white color.

Detachable Albino (Albino_detachable)- Bluish-colored albino balls that can be detached. These balls are only used in “Metropolis” for an autobound purpose. They are mainly used in “The Root Of All Evil.”

Ice Pokey- goo balls that came all the way from my first chapter Winter Wonderland. Only used in “A Long Walk To Regret.”

There are 9 screenshots.

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