World of Goo - "Underwater Journey" (old version)

WoG: Author: LuckyGooツ
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Release date: 06/07/2021 - 01:11
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Atention! before playing the chapter 1 of this mod you have to beat the level "Going Up" from the original chapter 1!
After a really long time, APerson and crew presents: World Of Goo Underwater Journey
Some fun levels based off underwater, some may be easy, and some more challenging, hope you enjoy playing this!

Due to the mod being
too heavy, here's the google drive link:

-Credits to: Fedor Ilyukhin for helping me with half of the mod
Adrian122, for making some really cool tracks for this mod, Gooey Goo and Crazydiamonde, for helping me to make this chapter a thing, Jim2102, for recording the levels and also helping with beta testing, and thanks to all beta testers!

Note that if i forget to add something to this i'll add it later.

Trailer of the mod! (Made by Jim2102 and music Made by Fedor Ilyukhin)


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