Island Worlds

Author: iLB
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Latest version: 0.3
Release date: 06/27/2020 - 12:55
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The islands, but they're levels. Cool concept, huh?

Somehow I got this to work, and the result is kinda fun, too. Check it out if you've got nothing to do, but don't expect a masterpiece. I haven't done all of the islands yet but I'll get all of them done by the end of July, I can promise you that.

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0.3WindowsSat, 06/27/2020 - 12:55com.goofans.iLB.islandworlds.goomod16.35 KB258
0.2WindowsSat, 06/27/2020 - 12:15com.goofans.iLB.islandworlds.goomod16.35 KB158

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