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Cameras Without Borders

An addin that allows your camera to go out of bounds. Specifically, it replaces each level's camera bounds to ±29999x, ±29999y so that it basically lets you look at the outside of every single level, chapters included!

(This does not allow you to drag gooballs out of bounds as most levels have a built-in physical border.)

Unfortunately, this bugs out a bit for:


No screenshot

Island Worlds

The islands, but they're levels. Cool concept, huh?

Somehow I got this to work, and the result is kinda fun, too. Check it out if you've got nothing to do. I haven't done all of the islands yet but I'll get all of them done by the end of July, I can promise you that. Done this!

2023 UPDATE:

I discovered that I screwed up the .goomod, and the whole addin has been broken for years. Whoops! I also couldn't find the files for any of the original levels apart from chapter 1. Double whoops!


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