Chroma World

Overview of the levelAuthor: Watching Youtube
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Release date: 12/15/2019 - 00:45
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Chroma World

You find yourself in a colorful yet mysterious section in the Information SuperHighway. There is a recycle bin which may be highly unstable so break it at your own risk. This level will appear in chapter 4.

This level is demonstrating a new color changing trick that I found where you can make things change their color. If you guys want I will release the effect as a sample along with a tutorial of how to make/use it.

The song in the level is called RingRing by Kyle on soundcloud.
You should check out some of his work.

Please download the new version, I fixed the mod so it should work without any issues now.

There are 2 screenshots.

Overview of the level
The level has changed color
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