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Chroma World

Overview of the level

Chroma World

You find yourself in a colorful yet mysterious section in the Information SuperHighway. There is a recycle bin which may be highly unstable so break it at your own risk. This level will appear in chapter 4.

This level is demonstrating a new color changing trick that I found where you can make things change their color. If you guys want I will release the effect as a sample along with a tutorial of how to make/use it.

The song in the level is called RingRing by Kyle on soundcloud.

Out on the Plane

Overview of the level

The goo balls are in trouble. They have gotten stuck on top of a plane that is mid flight. They must reach the pipe to get to safety while avoiding the very high wind and random and high turbulence. This level is short yet quite challenging so be prepared to fail a lot. Tongue

I decided to try out a little idea I had and I tested out some new concepts like a moving background. Hope you guys enjoy this one. It was a pleasure to make Wink


The Icon

EasyXSL Is In Alpha

EasyXSL is still in alpha stage. Big features may be changed or removed at any time. If you find any bugs please report them to me.


EasyXSL is a new Utility that simplifies the process of creating XSL merges for you goomods.


A GUI interface written in java.
A menu for creating XSL files without typing too much (Just paste Your code and match).
A XML editor that is easy to use

How To Use

Simple, decrypt your bin file into an XML with gootool

Open EasyXSL and click "New XSL"

Lightning Effect Sample

This is the same effect as the one in my recent level Stormy Day. Use this sample in your levels if you want.


Step 1: Download this addin

Step 2: Go into your level and import white32

Step 3: Change its animation to StormFlash

Step 4: Scale the image to cover your whole level, change the depth to 30 and move below your level.

Step 5: When you export into a goomod open the goomod with WinRAR or 7zip and in override/res make a folder called anim and drag and drop both storm flash files in your anim folder.

That is it. Let me know what you think

Stormy Day

The level when played

Stormy Day

This is a level I made. This level using flashing lightning and then goes dark. This makes the level pretty interesting and challenging.

The Wheel Tower

The level when played

Originally for Gooey Goo's level contest. I posted it here because the contest was closed.

All balls made by Gooey Goo

Dumb loading text


long story short I was bored so I made this.

Escape The Digital Carpet

The level

In this level you find yourself in a digital version of the Red Carpet. You must escape using only a few balls to start with.

Level features: A new level in island 4
A movie at the end
New gooballs and a red pipe

Going Down

Me finishing the level

This is a small little level I made that is a remake of going up.

In this level you do the complete opposite if going up. OCD: 8 balls

This is my first time making custom particles so I would love to hear your feedback.

Jack comes to Goofans

The level

In this level you need to get jack on goo fans. I won't tell you how but here is a hint. The left side. That is all I will say


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