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EasyXSL Is In Alpha

EasyXSL is still in alpha stage. Big features may be changed or removed at any time. If you find any bugs please report them to me.


EasyXSL is a new Utility that simplifies the process of creating XSL merges for you goomods.


A GUI interface written in java.
A menu for creating XSL files without typing too much (Just paste Your code and match).
A XML editor that is easy to use

How To Use

Simple, decrypt your bin file into an XML with gootool

Open EasyXSL and click "New XSL"

Open your XML file and fill in the fields below, then click generate XSL

That is it you can now grab your new XSL and put it in your goomod


Q: Will this decode .bin files
A: Not yet but it is something I plan to add in the future.

Q: What was this made with
A: This was written in java using Eclipse

Q: Does this support Mac
A: At the moment no. I plan to add support for Mac in the future.

Q: Something is broken
A: Please report it to me in the comments. You can also contact me on discord @FreakingChicken#9895

Q: Open source?
A: https://github.com/Freakingchichickenbones/EasyXSL

There are 4 screenshots.

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Some UI
Some more UI
The Splash When You Open it Up
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