Color Bombing

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"Color Bombing" is the second single level from the chapter Color Citadel, a part of World Of Tangram series. It was released 2 days after the release of "Tangram Bridges." This level is the lead single level for the chapter. It has 3 sub-levels.

Level concept

The concept of the sub-levels in Color Bombing is to demonstrate a group of very hard techniques in playing WoG or if not very hard, they are very difficult to think and visualize. One good example is "Gooball through geometry," which makes the gooballs travel through both static and non-static geometry, massless or not.


Two days after the release of "Tangram Bridges," this big level was released with a very colorful cover art and loaded with colorful sub-levels in general. I considered it as the best single level that I have released.


The OCD's are very hard IF "you don't know what you're doing." For example, the OCD for "I. Site 1" is fairly impossible for some and 100% easy for masters.

Level Listing

1. "Color Bombing"

  • I. Site 1
  • II. Walling Bombs
  • III. Cyanoic

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