The Commodore PET

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Welcome to 1977! This was one of the computers that were part of the "Big Three".
This is the 2001 version, which happens to be released in 1977, not 2001.

Still though, there are gooballs inside the screen. For those who want to know, the black screen with the whole level was made by me. I used a Commodore PET emulator, which can be downloaded here for free. It's available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and more. The program ran inside the PET emulator, using a program called PETDraw. On Windows, open the folder of the emulator and PETDraw 8032 for the PET emulator, then drag the PETDraw 8032.prg to the xpet application. It will load the program. On a Mac, open the emulator, then drag the .prg file to the window of the emulator. It will detect the program and load it. Sorry Linux users, but you can help fill this. Just give me some info. Smile The screen was actually made using JUST the text characters built into the custom ASCII ROM (PETSCII), and then I took a picture of it using Snipping Tool. If you need a background like that, just tell me on Discord! There is a secret there...

...and if you found it, tell me by talking to me on Discord PRIVATELY. Wink

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bottom sleep
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pipe with a cloud
right cloud
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