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Once Upon A Time I played Wii everyday, searching around the Wii shop for endless demos. Then I found a weird game that based on some goo thing. So I tried it out, and I enjoyed. So about 8 years later I was found Toxic Goo playing Wog again. So I decided to dedicate the next week beating it. Then I found GooFans, I showed toxic goo and we started to think about a wog fan game. Luckily Toxic Goo had a plan and I just stuck along. So after a while of making Lost in paradise beta we split up and I forgot about WOG. Then after one faithful day that we got Slurpee's and toxic goo was making WOG Lost In Paradise and i set off to make Code Red. To this day I have been planing code red.

World of Goo

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WOG: Code Red


World Of Goo Code Red Is In Beta And Has 1 Chapter.

Download Link:

Special Thanks To Gooey Goo And Toxic Goo For Helping Me Along The Way

Ver 1.0
-Chapter 1 is released!
-5 new levels!
-5 new gooballs!
Green Goo
Red Goo
Yellow Goo
Blue Goo
Security Goo

Make Sure To Join The WOG Discord!
enjoy Smile

P Is For Pizza

My first goomod is the best ever made
inspired by dax perrin Smile



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