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Release date: 03/21/2021 - 17:16
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/!\ This level is rated MEDIUM hard! You need a bit of skill and thought!

This level is an introduction to my custom goo "Oil". It will appear in a future level again. You have to explode a bomb which is sleeping, and you build to it. Then you lit the oil (not all!!!) and it will blow up its container, and it will reveal a bunch of sleeping Oil, and a new zone. This new zone contains the pipe. (Fact: the pipe in this level is retextured so it looks oily!) Explanation is not needed further.

OCD is 62 gooballs (exactly how much there are that you can play with) and the OCD strat is a bit simple to think of, but i wont spoil it.

(There is a crazy mode. Once you activate it, there will be inactive strands falling down that are heavy and kill gooballs, harmless but undraggable BlockHeads, and a lot of bits and Pokeys. If you attach pokeys to a BlockHead, be aware of the glitches.)

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Name of the level.
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