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well, i really dont know what to put here so i hope you have a great day if you are reading this

Btw i couldnt create an account for a few years now, finally here ig.

World of Goo

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stefix1Sun, 02/21/2021 - 10:2010.65m371 day 18 hours
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stefix2200's Sandbox

The first part of the Sandbox.

My sandbox! Includes:
-2 Themes seperated by a wall
-Distant gooball Generator
-And more! much more is listed in the addin description.

0.1: Current version.


The first half of the level.

Try to not fall off!

There is a image with a good strategy to beat the level.

Ver 0.1: First release. (Current)

Easy-to-cheese level sample (for beginners)

Its cheesed!

This is a sample about how people can cheese levels with thin walls, thin enough to make structures behind those walls where they arent supposed to. These cheeses often ruin the level. As it says in the title, this is for beginners only, because people not so new to this website will already know.


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