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well, i really dont know what to put here so i hope you have a great day if you are reading this

Btw i couldnt create an account for a few years now, finally here ig.

World of Goo

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stefix1Mon, 03/22/2021 - 14:4218.97m1394 days 44 min
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Build a bridge over the gap (or the air... I guess).
This took me a few days and I don't know why because it looks simple enough to me.
Also it is very hard, I only completed it once while playtesting it.



A planet surrounded by traps...

Sorry if this level is bad, I tried to make it as good as possible and it took me a few days. There are some things I was adding that didn't work for some reason... Like an extra trap I was gonna add.

If you get stuck on the level read the grey sign.
If you get stuck AGAIN here's a tip: This level is based around kicking a strand (disconnected from all the other strands you may have made) out of the gravity zone and then kicking it to the pipe.


Icon for the level.

Made a level for you.. in the meantime.. if you want more details read the goomod's description.

Starting a vote for music. Please, if you want to vote suggest what music you want. you can only choose once & if you try to add more votes then 1 you will be cheating.

Idk it looked pretty ok to me so i published it



Harder version of Graphic Processing Unit.

OCD: 7 Moves (almost miscalculated to 6 moves!)

Also, yet again. Im no artist. Sorry if the icon looks bad (it certainly does)


Name of the level.

This level is an introduction to my custom goo "Oil". It will appear in a future level again. You have to explode a bomb which is sleeping, and you build to it. Then you lit the oil (not all!!!) and it will blow up its container, and it will reveal a bunch of sleeping Oil, and a new zone. This new zone contains the pipe. (Fact: the pipe in this level is retextured so it looks oily!) Explanation is not needed further.

OCD is 62 gooballs (exactly how much there are that you can play with) and the OCD strat is a bit simple to think of, but i wont spoil it.

Easy level... Not.

a very good example of the level.. but its missing something (2 actually)

Self explanatory.

OCD? theres no ocd that would be so hard to do the meter o' difficulty would pass the roof.
Warning; Im not responsible for any raging, please read the goomod's description.

The Last Of Them

A part of the level.

Here we go again...

OCD is 8 gooballs. This is a fairly simple level.
INCLUDES; a custom background, new "goo".


Le icon.

Ocean level has risen and only some mountains are high enough to be on top. Find your way to the pipe and enjoy a simulation of playable UtilChapter2 Gooballs (yes i did that, curiosity got me).

OCD is 44 Gooballs.

Required? 8.

Lost Goo

Icon for the level.

Lost in the dark....

OCD is 22 gooballs. Required amount is 13.
This is a level I made out of boredom, and inspiration from Room of remorse/renunctiation.

Bad Weather (Lava Ocean?)

The icon for the level. There is heavy rain and a lava ocean.

A Level with bad weather. There is a lava ocean, a fire sign (if that makes sense), and islands. 2 Islands. OCD is 37 gooballs & you need 9 gooballs to complete the level. You only get GooProduct but I made them draggable, attachable & detachable. Have fun!

Also enjoy my 5% effort picture cuz i'm no artist.

(BTW im busy so i wont upload much)


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