Out of the Depths

Author: DemonGamer
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Release date: 12/26/2021 - 04:58
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Finally got out another level. This ones been in the works for sometime but due to midterms, school, and everything else in my personal life, I never found myself getting motivation to finish. Hope to get more levels out now that I am on Christmas Vacation for 3 weeks Wink

This is the first time I tried making an "art" level. I got some inspiration from fan2 who is also a fantastic art level creator. I am super impressed how well this turned out. Definitely my best level to date Smile

World of Goo - Out of the Depths By DemonGamer (OCD 25 Balls)
World of Goo - Out of the Depths By DemonGamer (OCD 25 Balls)
by DemonGamer.

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