Tangram Bridges

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Release date: 03/11/2016 - 01:24
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"Tangram Bridges" is the first single level from my tenth chapter called Color Citadel which is a part of the chapter series World Of Tangram. This is my newest release after 4 long months. The goofans website experienced potential end. The problem was resolved because davidc hired Jim2102 as the newest moderator.


The level includes see-saw structures which will act as bridges. This level also features a new gooball called "Small Triangle 1." 10 balls is the level requirement.

Bonus features

Tangram Bridges has an easter egg scenario: after a long period of playing the level, you will notice that there is a setting sun and the skies will begin to dark out.

The addin includes a bonus level called "Square Blocks Blocked The Pipe"

Level Listing

1. Tangram Bridges
2. Square Blocks Blocked The Pipe

There are 3 screenshots.

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