T.L.T.T.B. (Wog's 10th bday special)

tiggerAuthor: Deseptor
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Release date: 10/16/2018 - 00:21
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WOG's 10th b-day was recently!
I decided to make 5 random GooBalls!
Tigger: an orange tiger. (based off Winnie The Pooh.)
LOL: (emoji) The last memory of a friend that moved away. (that's not funny.) *Joke drum measure plays*
Triangly: NOOT goode at spelin. In fact, he can't even spell his own name correctly! (he spells it T-R-I-A-N-L-Y.)
Tapi: a roll of tape. Spawns tape. (the tape acts just like a pokey.)
Bob-omb: LITERALLY a bob-omb from mario. (actually lighs on fir.) (Triangly wrote that.)
NOTE: PORP_trianly's eyes glitch around. I do not know how to fix it. If you know, then please tell me how.
Thank You.
Sincierly, Deseptor

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bob-omb (there are more features on it in the level)
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