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I'm Deseptor, I've been playing world of goo since I was very young. I made this description in 2021 but I joined in 2017 or 16 I think. Recently I made a huge step. I went from needing help on my first level in 2016, to needing help on my first CHAPTER in late 2020. Anyway, my old levels aren't really that good but I am really trying to improve, I think I got a lot better. if you wanna play my old levels, I'm not stopping you. Actually, if you wanna see how I was back then, then read the descriptions and play the levels. Personally, they give me nostalgia along with even older levels and chapters that other people made. I'd like to also point out a few very helpful people that helped me with WoG modding; CrazyDiamonde, LuckyGoo (aka APerson), and Gooey Goo. Gooey goo was the one who helped me with my FIRST level! Back then I didn't know how to work WooGLE but since he taught me ONCE, I caught on. CrazyDiamonde and LuckyGoo are people that I met recently, and hey helped with my latest project, PeaceWoG or World of Goo: Peaceful.

World of Goo

Towers by Deseptor

Deseptor hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

Addins by Deseptor

Double-Floored Chasm

the 2 Floors of the Chasm

This is a second preview for PeaceWoG Volume 2, and this level was inspired by ewicn on YouTube. The video it was inspired by is in the videos section, titled World of Goo Stop Motion Animation.



P.S. version 1.2 makes it harder to "cheat" on.

Jisty's Bumpy Hilly Road

A view of Jisty and the gooballs you start with

This is a little preview thingy of World of Goo: Peaceful Volume 2, and this level is actually 2-6.

Don't quite have a release date for Volume 2, nut I'm about half way through with the levels!

Anyway, that's all I have to say, hope you enjoy this level!


P.S. They grey sign guy is Posts, you'll fully meet him in 2-1, Posts' Debut.

P.P.S. The grey Particle effect for the Gooper was by APerson

You Have To Explode The Head - Prehistoria

no robot, threeb

This is the past version of You Have To Explode The Head. Requested by CrazyDiamonde. Instead of the robot, there is a tree you have to blow up. It uses 2 new gooballs called the Prehistoric Ivy and Prehistoric common_albino goos, which are by Hany666. He made them for his level pack World of Goo: Far Lands. Thanks Hany, and thanks Crazy.

World of Goo: Peaceful Volume 1


Hello. I did not upload an addin on this site in a long time. This addin is the start of the series by me called World of Goo: Peaceful. This was originally meant to be a Chapter, but for now it is a Level Pack because the chapter was BEYOND broken. I don't really want to talk about it, but just enjoy the level pack.

UPDATE January 14th 2021: IT IS A CHAPTER NOW!!! This would not be possible without CrazyDiamonde, who compiled it.


World of Goo: Squigz DEMO

Chapter 1 (pip)

my first 2 levels with custom pipes Cool
(for the different levels, download the different downloads.)

Level labeling format: {Game #}-{World #}-{Level #} ({Title})
(for the #'s, I use Base 36. Learn more by clicking the link.)

1. 1-1-1 (pip up)
2. 1-2-2 (fly away little doodles)

You must downlaod BOTH downlaods.

L.F.F.T.G. (Wog's 10.5th birthday)


WOG's 10.5th b-day was recently!
I decided to make 5 more random GooBalls!
Lime: Tigger Jr's girlfriend
Flamey: LOL's girlfriend
Fanta: Triangly's girlfriend
Tapo: Tapi's boyfriend
Geemba: Bob-omb's girlfriend
NOTE: PORP2_Lime and PORP2_Fanta's eyes glitch around. I do not know how to fix it. If you know, then please tell me how.
Thank You.
Sincierly, Deseptor

T.L.T.T.B. (Wog's 10th bday special)


WOG's 10th b-day was recently!
I decided to make 5 random GooBalls!
Tigger: an orange tiger. (based off Winnie The Pooh.)
LOL: (emoji) The last memory of a friend that moved away. (that's not funny.) *Joke drum measure plays*
Triangly: NOOT goode at spelin. In fact, he can't even spell his own name correctly! (he spells it T-R-I-A-N-L-Y.)
Tapi: a roll of tape. Spawns tape. (the tape acts just like a pokey.)
Bob-omb: LITERALLY a bob-omb from mario. (actually lighs on fir.) (Triangly wrote that.)

Linking Balloons in WOG {PROTO}

Linking Balloon dragging

If you havent heard already, there are balloons irl that have tips on top, which allows you to tie them together. aaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd......................................................................... THEY ARE IN WOG NOW! Big smile (by me Wink )

Deseptor's artifacts

my lizard skelotin i found IRL, a few days before the release date of this addin.

just like the ivory dice, there are 2 more treasures i found IRL, the lizard skelotin, and Chomper Beetle, all of which are inthis level. evidince pics again.THE MUSIC IS BALDIS BASICS IN EDUCATION AND LEARNING!

Ivy Towers 2

my ivory dice i found IRL, a few days before the release date of this addin.

i started this addin as my FIRST world of goo level, about 2 years ago. when i was making it 2 years ago, Gooey goo helped me. (since it was my first level) Now, 2 years later, i working on it again, on my own, with a new ball, (the ivory dice) based of something i found in rea life, and an easter egg! OCD:100 balls. (it is hard but posible only with the easter egg.)

ivory dice


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