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You Have To Explode The Head - Prehistoria
no robot, threeb

This is the past version of You Have To Explode The Head. Requested by CrazyDiamonde. Instead of the robot, there is a tree you have to blow up. It uses 2 new gooballs called the Prehistoric Ivy and Prehistoric common_albino goos, which are by Hany666. He made them for his level pack World of Goo: Far Lands. Thanks Hany, and thanks Crazy.

You have to explode those heads

It's so easy.
OCD =50 sec.
Cursor corlor is yellow.

Ze Forest

You got out of the factory!
Remember that cliff that the sign painter said
'You must be near the great goo tree or goo factory'
There's was two ways the factory and the forest
but you took the factory one.
An now look at the wonders of the great goo tree!

Zero G
Look! New Goo Balls: GlowProduct, like draggable GooProduct with eyes

The Goo Balls found a new planet...

And a new pipe system!

Help them explore it!