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Goo or Not, Here I Come
The level. Note the sign.

This structure is burning (like Super Fuse Challenge Time) except (so not like Challenge Time) there are INVISIBLE WALLS!

Burning bridge

Call it burning bridge if it starts to burn. But thats not what you have to do. Just go forwards and wake up the sleeping goo balls. It's very similar level with "Upper shaft" isn't it? Have a fun Smile!

Pipe Problem

SURPRISE! Goosweek's Goomods Factory is back! Big smile
26th February 2012 I realized, that it's my 50th level at GooFans!!

This level looks... a bit different than other my levels. And looks easy, but hides really strange feature! I think it's not easy to OCD it (9 moves).

I'm really interested how much balls can you collect.

PS. My first idea was to call it "Pipe Almighty", and this is the folder name.
Shifting machine

Couldn't wait until I will can put this level in goofans.com so here it is - my 15th level "Shifting machine"! New or old skill to learn. As I saw in any different level haven't been method like this! Actually this is one of my favorite levels! OCDed with 5 moves. Don't really think that less is possible. Well if only 4 moves... Real OCD is 11 moves. Have a fun!

Spikes in the way

Yes I know... It's some king really similar with level "Broken bones" but here is different method. At first you need to explode that head to get bones and get to my costume pipe. I called it for ugly pipe. If anybody wants to use it... I alow you because it will be better if you are using ugly pipe for costume levels not the original beauty if you want to uglies will go in! In this level all 4 uglies are required. There is no OCD but anyway it's fun Wink. This is my "19" level. Just think it out!

Crazy tumbler

Whats happened? ...

The tumbler crashed and goos can't get out!!! They need ur help to get out! Have no idea how it happened!

I made this level a long time ago - I know it wont be really good for publishing but I would like to ask publishers to publish it - I spent long time for making this level and I just want it to be my 25 level...

[DESTROYER] To the launch of the DESTROYER left 24 + 1 levels!

WARNING - when the counter start to show:

[DESTROYER] To the launch of the DESTROYER left + 1 level!

Be careful!!!

The Bit Test
Starting Area

This is my first level i've made in World of Goo Level Editor. I hope you enjoy it. Also, this my look easy. But it's actually about the same hardness as Weather Vane because it took me about an hour to get OCD! But remember, be creative!


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Flashblack Tower

Did you really think that I would make an entire chapter of darkness-based levels without something like this? Wink

And I completely did not get the idea for this after playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Definitely not.

This addin really needs a video, so if any of you could record one or know of some good video software that would be great.