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Space Trekking

Tonight, when you shine your light~.

Crazy "Head"
Crazy head up ahead!

Attention!: All levels what will be made by TailsFANAT, that levels will be from Al dokko (me). I have a new profile now.
Thanks early, for understanding!
My next level. I think it dosent have something intersting, but this is my first level with new character (I dont mean goo).
Try to get time OCD!
Goal: 16 balls.
OCD: 45 seconds.

Down and Right

This level is pretty easy. You just have to build down and to the right where the pipe is. Simple!

The World of Goo Level Editor Level

To shorten the name, you can also call this The Editor Level.

This level is sort of confusing. Its not the gooballs or the way to build to the pipe, its the background! Its the level editor, right before I made this level!

Water Fun

There are gooballs hanging from the sky, and I don't know why. There are gooballs in the water splashing, and it looks like they are flashing. Hey, that rhymes!

Right and Over

This level has a very interesting background. Whats also interesting is the spinning spikes at the far right. Try not to lose anything!

Around and Up

A fire is right in-between two cliffs, and there are fuse gooballs below it. Its a fairly simple level, enjoy!

Wheel to the Pipe

This level is very tricky. There are gooballs slowly spinning on a green wheel, and there are spikes surrounding it. Try not to lose anything!

One word of advice: Don't rush, or you might lose some balls! Try to build to the pipe nice and slow.


There is a strong force that is pulling blue gooballs. I had to test this level multiple times while making it. Its a very tricky level, and to get OCD you can't kill any gooballs. Try not to hit any gears!

The Big Adventure

This is my biggest (and hardest) level yet. It will take a long time to complete, but its a fun level! I can't tell you how long it took to make this level!

There are four large areas to explore. You start at the bottom left, then go up to the top left, then the top right, then the bottom right. Its a very hard level, but there is no OCD so you won't need to worry about that. You just have to get at least 4 gooballs to the pipe. Have fun!

Update 1.1

-Fixed zoom
-Added autobounds
-Added more clouds to the places where the backgrounds change