Ish Blaster

Screenshot of the levelAuthor: gooey goo
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Release date: 05/18/2020 - 08:10
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Break values and custom fonts are very underused, so I decided to use both.

Break Values: Most people think that break values are boolean. For example, if the value isn't set, the block won't break. If you set the value to something like 1, then it will break. However, the break value is a threshold that specifies the detonateforce needed in order to destroy the object. If you set the break value high enough, then certain explosives won't be able to destroy it, which is what I've done in this level.
P.S. Bits have an insane detonate force of 1000, in comparison to sticky bombs, which only have 500.

Custom Fonts: Unless it's to recolour one of the prexisting fonts, I haven't seen many mods use custom fonts. Fair enough anyway, they're not really that convenient to make without the FontBuilder.exe. Anyway, one neat thing about fonts is that if a certain character isn't included within the font, the character is just skipped. I used this to my advantage by making a custom font that detects characters that the original in-game fonts couldn't, and have those custom fonts display both a custom icon and custom background.

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Screenshot of the level
The level's custom intro
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