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Editor's Note

You can encrypt/decrypt files much easier using GooTool's advanced menu options. This download is provided if you are unable to use GooTool or wish to automate en/decryption.

This is a batch script (.bat) that automatically encrypts/decrypts bin files (requires wogeditor's wogfile.exe to be in "C:\WogEditor". I made 3 versions so far. The archive includes all of them. All versions make a backup of the bin/xml file before encrypting or decrypting. To use it just put a copy of the .bat file in the same directory as your bin/xml files.

Version 0.1 can only encrypt/decrypt ball files(balls.xml.xml/balls.xml.bin/resources.xml.xml/resources.xml.bin). Version 2.0 has the added option of restoring from a backup. Version0.3b(beta) is a work-in-progress.

0.3b has limited options for map files (only does *.level.xml/*.level.bin files). To use it: hold shift and right click in the folder that has the script and xml/bin files, select "Open Command Window Here", then, if your level is named 'testthingy', type
'en-de-crypt0.3b testthingy' and press 2 when the menu appears. If you don't specify a name in the command line, the level encrypt/decrypt won't do anything.

I *might* make a GUI version.

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Logo #1
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