There are many ways to get World of Goo:

1. Purchase online at 2dboy's website. Advantages include:

* DRM-free
* PC, Mac and Linux versions
* Immediate download
* First access to new released versions
* Best way to support the developers; 2dboy get most of the sale price.

2. Purchase it through a digital distribution system like Steam, Direct2Drive, Beanstalk, Greenhouse, or Impulse.

3. Purchase it through WiiWare (Wii version only).

4. Purchase a box in a store. Be warned that some boxed versions are PC only. Also note that the German box is labelled PC/Mac but only the PC version is on the CD (See here for how to get your CD replaced).


Feature 2dboy
Steam Direct
Beanstalk Green-
Impulse Wii-
Platform Compatibility
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Mac Yes No No No No No No Yes*
Linux Yes No No No No No No No
Wii No No No No No No Yes No
Can be given as a gift? Yes Yes ? ? ? ? Yes Yes
Online leaderboards Yes Yes ? ? ? ? No Yes
Achievements No Yes ? ? ? ? ? No
Can play new levels? Yes Yes ? ? ? ? No Yes
Multi-player cooperative play No** No No No No No Yes No
DRM-Free? Yes No ? ? ? ? No Yes/No***

* Check box packaging and see notes above to determine Mac compability.
** Linux version has experimental multi-mouse support.
*** Some distributors have reportedly put DRM features on their CD release. This was not a 2D Boy decision.