Frequently Asked Questions - Getting World of Goo

PC - Purchased through 2D Boy's site

Download and run the patch:

PC - Steam

Steam will automatically update it to 1.20. If you want 1.30, download the patch from here:

PC - Retail box

Download and run the patch:


There is no patch for Wii. However almost all the changes from 1.00 to 1.30 are for PC anyway, so there is no need for one. The only significant change is that you can now replay MOM's Computer, but 2D Boy are unlikely to release a patch just for this.

The Moon chapter was originally slated to be part of the European retail release, to compensate for its delayed release date. It was to feature additional levels, and a new sandbox level for experimentation.

However this plan was cancelled, and the European releases do not feature the Moon chapter. 2D Boy have given no word on whether it may become available in the future.

The profanity pack was to be an addon that gave the Goo Balls rather more mischievous voices. It was intended to be available exclusively to people who pre-ordered the game before its official release date.

Unfortunately, as it became clear that the audience of the game included young children, complaints from parents led to 2D Boy abandoning plans for the profanity pack.

There was a contest for suggestions in the 2D Boy forum, but the due to the plans being dropped, no winners were announced.

Officially, the only way to play the Linux version is with the direct-download purchased from

However the game files in the Linux version are the same as under Windows. So if you have purchased the Windows version in a box or from Steam, you can install the Linux version by upgrading the demo.

Simply install the Linux demo, and then copy over the "res" directory from your Windows installation.

Soultaker wrote the following on the 2D Boy forum:

Soultaker wrote:

Officially, the Linux version is only available to customers of 2D Boy, but unofficially, if you own a copy of the Windows version, you can upgrade the Linux demo of the game to a full version as follows:

1. Install the Windows version of the game somewhere (this could even be on Ubuntu using Wine); this usually goes into C:\Program Files\2D Boy\World of Goo.
2. Install the Linux demo of the game (which goes into /opt/WorldOfGooDemo).
3. Copy all the files in the res/ subdirectory of the Windows installation to the res/ subdirectory of the Linux installation, overwriting existing files.

Of course, installing the full Linux version with the official package is easier. Also consider that 2D Boy makes less money from sales through third-party resellers (Amazon, Steam, et cetera) and that they developed the Linux version at their own expense after the Windows and Mac versions were already released, so the moral high road would probably be to buy the game from 2D Boy if you like to play the Linux version, but I leave that decision up to you. (I can imagine you don't want to return a gift for this reason.)

Check your junk mail folder. Seriously. Check it again. It's probably there.

Wait a couple of hours. Sometimes their servers are bogged down.

If you still haven't received it, you can get it sent to you again by using the form on the 2dboy site.

If you paid by PayPal eCheck, be aware that it will take a few days to clear.

Failing that, contact 2dboy for assistance. Give them all the information including your paypal e-mail address.

RTL, the Geman distributors, messed up when creating the CD for the German box release. The packaging is labelled Mac/PC but early copies only included the PC installer.

You can get a free replacement CD by e-mailing (yes, there is no 's' before 'upport'), including your name, address, and a scan or photo of your receipt.

There are many ways to get World of Goo:

1. Purchase online at 2dboy's website. Advantages include:

* DRM-free
* PC, Mac and Linux versions
* Immediate download
* First access to new released versions
* Best way to support the developers; 2dboy get most of the sale price.

2. Purchase it through a digital distribution system like Steam, Direct2Drive, Beanstalk, Greenhouse, or Impulse.

3. Purchase it through WiiWare (Wii version only).

4. Purchase a box in a store. Be warned that some boxed versions are PC only. Also note that the German box is labelled PC/Mac but only the PC version is on the CD (See here for how to get your CD replaced).


Feature 2dboy
Steam Direct
Beanstalk Green-
Impulse Wii-
Platform Compatibility
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Mac Yes No No No No No No Yes*
Linux Yes No No No No No No No
Wii No No No No No No Yes No
Can be given as a gift? Yes Yes ? ? ? ? Yes Yes
Online leaderboards Yes Yes ? ? ? ? No Yes
Achievements No Yes ? ? ? ? ? No
Can play new levels? Yes Yes ? ? ? ? No Yes
Multi-player cooperative play No** No No No No No Yes No
DRM-Free? Yes No ? ? ? ? No Yes/No***

* Check box packaging and see notes above to determine Mac compability.
** Linux version has experimental multi-mouse support.
*** Some distributors have reportedly put DRM features on their CD release. This was not a 2D Boy decision.