Unused Features (from my knowledge)

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Unused Features

From Trailers
Graphics and font are different, common balls have thicker strands, sign has moved from tree to hill.
Instead of common, there's goo product. Also, there's a completely different looking mouse, and a pipe that resembles pipes from the older games (it also seems to explain why some pipe segments are a dull bronze colour instead of grey like the rest of the pipes. The platform also isn't sticky.
What looks like an updated version of Straight Up. It'd most likely take place in chapter one, in a level near the big fire.
If you look closely, you'll see balloons have eyes.
Impale Sticky is missing its time bug sign.
Chain has one of the old styled clouds (look at top left)
The level cog in the machine. The level most likely would've been replaced by the current level, "You have to Explode the Head", due to how you build upwards to a goal in both levels. This levels looks much nicer in my opinion.
Blustery day.
Hang Low
World of Goo logo. This world, however, has different chapters. The first one is the goo filled hills, the second is the desert, the third is some creature, the fourth looks like it could've been the information superhighway because of all the roads, and the fifth most likely would've been a city. The giant sign seems to be a tower of goo island.
An unused cutscene, which probably would've played after the fourth level of the second chapter.
Ode to the Bridge Builder. These black common also have hilites.
Ivy Towers.
An older version of Red Carpet with a less vibrant colour scheme. It also has only one objective, and by the looks of it, Beauty Goo had not been created yet. I personally like this version more.
Regurgitation Pumping Station, but with common.
Tumbler! Now with coloured gears!
Blustery Day, but with a trail of water goo. By the looks of it, Water goo most of been made undetacthable.
Flying Machine
A completely new level, taking place on the menu world. By the looks of it, either the camera or the world is spinning. Most likely, it's the latter, since the camera can't rotate.


A different design for the third chapter
Beauty has small pupils
Water is not translucent
Sticky bombs are much larger
Burning Man is missing Bombs
Different ballbuster gears
Pokey looks the same attached and unattached. The wheels are also different.
Ballbuster is replaced with gear
Upper shaft is completely different. Most likely, the box would've been much heavier, so if you dropped it, the structure would miss the pipe because the pipe's suction radius isn't strong enough.


Profanity sign is used
Graceful Failure, undigitalized. Also, block heads and rect heads have circular eyes.
Second appearance of Graceful Failure. It looks like the level would have more goo product to make it more difficult, since you'd need to collect more goo.

This level: http://www.digiseller.ru/preview/295444/p1_1700161_1884a13c.jpg
endonnogeom: Ends a level when there's no geometry that's dynamic
decay: Goo will be killed in X amount of seconds, where X is the input
thrust: Makes the goo fly towards when direction when attached. There seems to be a level called thruster test (but I'm not sure if it's from the custom world of goo or not.)

World of Goo builds
- A "flush" and "dump" button were used, where flush acts like the current continue button, and dump would release all collected Goo.
- Statistics were shown of how many Goo were left unattached and attached.
-Timed levels had been made, but weren't used. They tried to do so with Super Fuse Challenge Time, however.
-A couple levels and Goo weren't used. I might list them later.
-"intelligence" was used to make a Goo find either the quickest route or longest route to the goal.
-Goo would move much faster when they were on a structure attached to the pipe.

That's all I have so far. What should I add?

I give critique to recent levels.

World of Goo 1/2 Chapter 2 is finally here!