Warning! New goofans rules!

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Note: These rules are fairly outdated and shouldn't be followed seriously. However they do make a point which is still valid, so there is no harm in checking them out and understanding that point.
For official rules that you do have to follow, see the Universal Rules. -puggsoy


New goofans regulation!

Lately, past few weeks goofans become social-chatting site for everything except for WoG, if it carries on like this goofans will beat facebook soon.
I was offline for few days and when i came back there was 61 new post, only 9 were normal WoG decisions!

So, I'm now calling on my mod duties to warn you all that there is gonna be new, stronger criteria of what's considered spam and unnecessary posting.

Once in a while a joke or two is OK but this has gone far enough!

I'm asking you to post only related answers/questions. Do not make pointless posts!

Post like: Yes, No, lol, OK, Smile, Tongue, wow, and other like this will be considered as spam and they will be deleted!

Threads that have more off-topic that on will also be deleted!

There is facebook, MSN, gmail, ICQ, AIM, YIM... for chating!

OK now, be nice and play WoG!


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