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Hello, everyone. For anyone who has completed all the OCDs for all the levels of WoG, here is an (unofficial) extra challenge for you. It's called Overly Obsessive Completion Distinction, more commonly known as OOCD (pronounced OO-see-DEE). It provides an additional challenge to those who have finished World of Goo with all the OCDs (forgive me if I repeated myself).

Pavke, one very experienced user on this forum with half a thousand posts, helped me point out something important: OOCDs are not an alternative to normal OCDs, but an add-on. You need to complete the normal OCD requirements PLUS something else in order to get OOCD.

For many OOCDs, you need to think outside of the box. VERY outside of the box. I haven't come up with all the OOCD requirement, but I hsve came up with a few:

*Going Up: Collect 11+ balls AND finish within 7 seconds.
*Welcoming Unit: Collect 92 balls.
*Burning Man: Finish within 11 moves and 17 seconds.
*MOM's Computer: Finish with 7 or less moves.
*Observatory Observation Station:
normal ocd: finish within 11 or less moves
oocd: finish within 7 or less moves

OOCDs are meant to be in between normal OCDs and the Records. It's intended for difficulty between intermediate and advanced.

There will soon be an OOCD for every level*. I hope you enjoy these puzzles. I haven't gotten any yet, I'll try for Going Up first (I already completed MOM's Computer with normal OCD, but I know how to get OOCD!)

OOCDs are Copyright 2009 by MethanalCHO. You are not allowed to say what OOCDs are: this is up to MethanalCHO (with the obvious exception of 2D Boy). Suggestions are allowed. All rights regarding OOCD reserved to MethanalCHO and 2D Boy.

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