Goo Tool and Level Editor Problem.

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I Buyed the World of goo game on wild games, and i recently downloaded world of goo editor and gootool, but i have a problem whit these two, I Need Help whit details in this:
Problem whit gootool:
i susesfully can download levels, but when i lcock "Save and launch world of goo" it says "Couldn't install billboard" and i can't do anything, it always the same thing.
Level Editor Problem:
i Can Create Levels susesfully, but when i select world of goo game as directory, and i press "Save and Play" it only shows me the normal game and i don't see my level in any part of chapter 1, im a Windows user so i downloaded the patch 1.30 but when i select it as directory it says it doesn't exist.

Can someone upload a Video showing how it works please?

Mr.Gccc98 wuz here.