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Block Goo
Some gameplay

A level intended to be for Saman's contest.

How to play:

Use the fire cracker dispenser to get mini explosives to blow up the block (Don't forget to wake it up first though lol).

Use the gear found in the middle to "mine" the ores

Get the minerals into the pipe

Block warning

Have you ever imagined something like this that one place is full of spikes but you cannot know where are the spikes where not? Whell you have to follow the blocks! They warn you - find out by yourself how to fix this I just gave you a clue - If you find out do not tell anyone, OK?

Blocks Rotation

First level with rotation objects))))
OCD:14 balls

Bloo Goo
Bloo 1

And no I don't mean blue. Smile I'm talking about Bloo from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends! He sure likes paddleballs. LOL

I'm shooting a balloon!

This level is inspired by Kyle's "blow" game.
You can get the game with Kyle Gabler's Experimental Games Package.

OCD is only 7 moves.

Blue Balls - World of Goo Corporation

This mod turns the World of Goo Corp balls blue.

Blue breaking:Entering

A long, it is made of Lihe, but for this I add a lot of authority, I believe this is very good.

In the game you will meet three regions. First, there are many cliffs here, the moon hanging high in the sky. Second, a pool of antigravity completely, you should make full use of the gear in the final.

Use your power! How much can you collect the ball? If you think there is a mistake, or somewhere can't pass, please reply to below.

·inspiration comes from the 《Geometry Dash》.

Blue Carpet

The Opposite Of Red Carpet.
Blue Carpet Is A Level That Has A New Goboall Known As Fame It Is Like Bueaty But Has No Eye Product And Is Blue Instead Of Red.

Blue Haze

Note: this chapter is difficult, and if you feel the same way, you can try part 2!!

My first chapter, the story took place in a beautiful night, the first part of this chapter is my sun trilogy, Smile I have a big plan, but I am not sure the rest will be completed two chapters : p (Fortunately, Lihe is making the next chapter at an alarming rate, and it will probably be released this month, and it will have no less than 15Level and a full story )

Level list:
1. Night fell
2. Inside the Moon

Blue Haze Experiments

You heard me, this is just an experiment...
I'm Lihe, I didn't make this level
The author is Liyuan, today I sent this long abandoned level to send!
Thank you for your level, please download,
Thank you for your support!
To secretly tell you this super cool Oh
Let's get started!
Lihe written 2017 sticky February 23rd