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popup game

New gameplay-no goostructure building or flinging goos.

I doublechecked all the spam you could undelete in "Deliverence".
Guess what! There wasn't only spam in the recycle bin.
I found a small popup game.

Power Overwhelming (Light Level)
Power Overwhelming (Light Level)


This level is way too long! In this level, you have to use 5 Sticky Bombs carefully to explode something. A lot of people confused here because of blast walls! There are Light Goo Balls at this level, which makes goo balls more powerful and protected by any disasters. Obtain Light Goo Balls to get OCD and especially a bonus.

inwog's 12th Single Level Addin.
Level made by inwog.

Practice Of Wall
Sticking on the fire.(粘在火上)

My third level.
V1.0 The first venison.
V1.2 The second venison.
-Delete Anchors.
V1.3.1 The third venison.
-Modified pictures.
-Added fire.
-Added bomb sticky.
-Modified the geometry.
-Changed balls kinds.
-Optimization level.
-Added a rectangle.
-Line's @tag="mostlydeadly"
-OCD=66 balls

Have fun! Smile
PS:My English is not good and I often have some grammar wrongs... Sad


This is the very first addin I made long ago 100% by hand (though the conflicts had to be solved with WooGLE) it was based on Jingle balls.
I sent it to davidc ages ago but he never posted on the site. It's not much as far as level gameplay goes, but this level is very dear to me!

Product Disposer
Super Meat Boy!

It's a level opposite to product launcher! Big smile

Profanity Text

Turns "what is it?" into "WTF?" in the ending of Chapter 3. Tongue

I found a file called profanity.xml in WoG apk, does anyone know what's that? An easter egg?

Profile Switcher

Read the description

This programs allows you to easily switch between multiply versions of you profile. It is intended for players that have "chapter addins" installed or they are in the process of making one.
It doesn't edit your profiles and it shouldn't be used that way!

Bug reports and especially your requests for future features are REQUIRED! Smile
Rate and comment so we can make this little program just a little bit better

-Backup: Intended for one use only. Backups your original profile
-Restore: Restores form previous mentioned backup

Psychodelic mod

Looks like rusty

Puggsoy's Island
Puggsoy's Island Screenshot

My first custom chapter, basically a section of Chapter 2 containing three levels. Primarily a test to see how chapters work and how to make one.
The levels here are pretty easy, I just made them for the chapter. I initially started this so that I could make a tutorial on how to make chapters (which I'll still make), but it turned out to be more complicated than I thought.
Hope you like it!

Puggsoy's Level Creation Contest 1 Entry
Frost Screenshot

A small but snowy adventure for the gooballs. My submission for the LCC1.
Not sure if I put enough effort into this, really. Kind of small, but then again a big level was no requirement for the contest.

v1.1: Snow blockage added to prevent the goo structure near the exit opening the pipe at the beginning of the level (and making a sucking sound throughout the whole level). Thanks to goomatz for the suggestion.