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Rolling on the River
The hill

you thought that's the end of our story
but how?
It's just the beginning

At the top of the biggest hill in deligoo
something terribly huge was rolling down the hill
quickly build a tower of goo
before you get squashed and broken into pieces

Rolling Rocks

in this level you have to climb up the hill
but first you have to get through the rolling rocks they are not deadly but it's still make it harder

and you know what sign painter think "this level is a chaos!!"



this just a simple easy level....

hope you enjoy! Smile

Rotating Planet
Building while rotating

Demonstration of how to make rotating, walkable geometry. This is a simple test level (playable, but not very interesting) in response to a forum question.

Note how the planet is not exactly positioned on the radialforcefield, to avoid an ODE crash when the geometry is exactly aligned with the force field.

Screenshot 2 also demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief, it is possible for strands to break given enough force. The chain is being stretched by friction of the Ivy balls on the planet, and is about to snap.

Rough Balls
Screenshot Of the Balls in the GooCorp

Turn The Goo Corp goo balls Into Rough Looking Shiny red balls

V1.0 Just fixed two problems, Didn't spell override right (spelled overide)Then i Changed the Version in this to 1.1 but Didn't change it in the addin i couldn't be bothered to change it so i changed it here Tongue Thanks DaB for spotting them out Wink

Round the Arena
The Thing

My little work with sliders... Don't ask me what it is, I have no idea!

Rubber Band

Who's toying with that rubber band? Its annoying 'cos I want to go for a swim...

Exclamation Mark This level is a bit frustrating.

Rubber Sheet Theory

Goo physics!

by Grant

Running Away From Fire

The one says,
The fuses got a hard-won chance to travel to the Underground.
And which for some reasons no one can explain...the whole Underground is burning and hot, they need and want to get out of here.
But soon they find that if they wanna get out, they need to kill some of them...
Will they do that? Let's see...

To be continued...

This level was made last year, and at that time I'd meant to upload it, but for some reasons, I had forgotten...So now, I've made some changes to it and uploaded it. And it is not so hard to pass!
Please enjoy and rate it!

Russian Language pack
World of Goo Corporation

Finally after a long time, I made this addin that enables Russian!!! Laughing out loud
Please read down below:

This mod adds Russian localization in the game. Please set the game language to Russian in the GooTool's Options tab. This mod changes the original World of Goo font in a different one. Sorry for that. Don't use this mod if your game already has Russian fonts!!! It was made only for non-russian game.

From now being, I'm going to post translations for other levels in Russian!