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This would most likely happen.

this level is a hard version of a hard level. probably unbeatable.
good luck!

Trapped (a level for Octaviano)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!!

Today (no xd it was like 5 month ago) i made a level for Octaviano!

I hope you will enjoy!

(i forgor the OCD)

Edit: OCD is 110 balls


Heyyyy! It's Volcanojungle!

Today I made a level for @STGOfficial1108 on Twitter (that's kind of a sequel of Dreamland)

Balls required:25

OCD:59 balls

I hope you enjoy my levels!!

Goo On World Of Goo Level Editor
the start of the ivy goo

hi, this is my first level. I uh I'm don't know what to say anymore Sad

Pizza Cutter (another Arena level)
The uNStaBlE pIZzA cUtTEr!

You like pizza? There's not pizza in this level... but there is a big Pizza Cutter! i wonder how you can use it!

Level created by Volcanojungle Smile

Balls required to finish the level:20
OCD: 50 balls

Snowy Day
Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is a level who could be difficult as simple: the snow part are slippery!

I simplify the level because it was too difficult fo go on the other cliff...

Balls needed to finish the level:4
OCD: 20 balls

the custom cliffs are made by Volcanojungle. You can use them in your level but plz credit me Smile

Heat Pipe
Screenshot 1

A short and sweet level that I made that isn't extremely difficult or long. There is a heat pipe in the middle. It is solid and dangerous. Perhaps there's a way around it.

Update: Fixed the signs from being broken. (Hopefully)

Weather Vane Extended

The Sign Painter is hiding something...

From Up There
the attempt

Hey guys... i know i shoud make hte contes thing but actually i'm kinda lazy and i wanted to make something cool in no time (25 minutes in total!)

So here's a level.. hope you guys like it!

I got 20 balls at my best (and only) attempt.

Out of the Depths

Finally got out another level. This ones been in the works for sometime but due to midterms, school, and everything else in my personal life, I never found myself getting motivation to finish. Hope to get more levels out now that I am on Christmas Vacation for 3 weeks Wink

This is the first time I tried making an "art" level. I got some inspiration from fan2 who is also a fantastic art level creator. I am super impressed how well this turned out. Definitely my best level to date Smile