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Long time World Of Goo fan since 2009, and GooFans Moderator. I also make videos of custom levels, chapters, and mods on YouTube for WoG and GooFans related stuff...

World of Goo

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Jim2102 hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Lookout Hill

down, down, down.

Goal: 12

OCD: moves 14

The Deadly File

This level is based on momo1526s level Junk. On this level you have to destroy that deadly file thats been killing lots and lots of goo.

Also my first endongeom level



This is a very easy level, but this one has a cool story to it Wink

Goal- 19

OCD 7 Moves

Mission Impossible

This is a level I created in June, but never really had the time to upload it. Now i have fixed some bugs and uploaded it. This is a really hard level. Id be suprised if someone could acctually do it. Took me forever to do it lol.

Goal: 3

OCD: 15

Climbing Up

My third level. Its pretty challenging


Version 0.2

Level is bigger and more challenging

Goal- 6

OCD- 20

Easy Task

Easy Task

My first level. Its a very easy task

Goal- 6

OCD- 40


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