Dragless Levels II

Snap to the Grid (overview)Author: Goosweek
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Goosweek's (almost) Last Addin

I return after few years with these new levels. Each one has a different graphic theme!

  1. Snap to the Grid - just a detonation quest but the Grid prevents you to play with the Goos so easily!
  2. Ghost Wheel - it's invisible for Goo Balls unless you drag them.
  3. Tower in Madness - just a tower, but the spinning junk causes you can't hold the Goo Balls anywhere! (And the name is a reference to my 10th level)
  4. Antivirus - ISH-themed level involving invading a planet and passing through an infected area.

All levels are based on possibilities of nodrag tag, like my prevoius Dragless Levels were.
2D Boy never used nodrag and probably hardly anyone at GooFans tried. But the gameplay possibilities are truly endless! I hope you find these levels interesting.

OCD: 20 balls, 27 balls, 25 moves, 17 balls.
In most cases it can be done even better.

Level Antivirus (gswk_nodrag_ish) uses custom material GoosweekWood. Standard materials have either too high or too low friction for my tiny planet.

I've reached round 60 levels published. It's a good moment to close the Goosweek's Goomods factory. (In fact the name used to make more sense before the awesome Level Editor update). I consider my adventure with GooFans as a valuable experience.
Thank you all.
May the World be with Goo!

PS. There are minor "Easter Eggs" within the level XML files Laughing out loud

There are 8 screenshots.

Snap to the Grid (overview)
Ghost Wheel
Tower in Madness
Snap to the Grid OCD
Ghost Wheel OCD
Tower in Madness OCD (moves)
Antivirus OCD
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