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Helpfull HandAuthor: Goosweek
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Release date: 03/26/2016 - 08:29
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Two levels based on nodrag lines.

Helpfull Hand

I invented this level years ago, but had no idea how to make it playable... The hand with detaching gear keeps tickling the Goo Balls. But you can use it to lengthen the rope!

Tower Lock

How to get down not actually going down? Only 28 balls for OCD.

See also Dragless Levels II for more curious applications of dragless "solids".

Observations about the game

stopsign or nodrag lines do not contact the balls and do precisely what the tag determines. In fact stopsign line can give a ball incredible acceleration, always directed like line's normal (you can't easily fix direction of acceleration in case of other shapes).
Sad thing about labels visibility of the text seem to depend on position of the label object. If the text is long, it can start (have it's center) far away form the visible part of the level. But in that case it may suddenly disappear.

There are 4 screenshots.

Helpfull Hand
Tower Lock
Helpfull Hand OCD (time)
Tower Lock OCD (balls)
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