World of Goo: Far Lands

World of Goo: Fard Lands!Unknown author
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Latest version: 1.1
Release date: 01/22/2012 - 10:19
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For the promotion of the new 1.1 goomod format! Here it is!!! Far Lands is goomod!....
requirements: you need GooTool version 1.0.1 or later to play this mod!

Made by Hany, goomodded by Pavke and revised by thB (v1.0) and MOM4Evr (v1.1).


- Fix: As per new GooTool spec, uppercase file extensions aren't supported. Changed res/levels/FarLands_L06/Pichliac04.PNG to .png
- Fix: Removed spaces in filename override/res/levels/FarLands_L05/Retaz a skull.png
- Tweak: Changed background PNG images to JPEG via thB's JPEG hack to cut down on file size
- Tweak: Changed override/res/levels/FarLands__L08/hmla.png to greyscale to cut down on file size (it's just white and alpha anyway)
- Tweak: removed unused images pichliac and pichliac2, and replaced picliac3 with pichliac4, which looks better anyway
- Tweak: removed FarLands_Ivy/body.png, as it was nearly identical to bodyAttached.png

- Fix: widescreen support for all levels (most levels crashed on widescreen)
- Fix: missing image now included
- Fix: removed all references to non-existent and/or unused resources
- Fix/Change: ball types are independent from original game
- Fix/Change: OCD on level 5 is more realistically achievable
- Add: original Far Lands music
- removed duplicate images saving over 4 MB total
- other small XML cleanups

- first goomod release

NOTE 1: Due to custom images and music mod is 31MB large.

NOTE 2: For all those who are unable to install Far Lands goomod here is the original download. Just unzip it anywhere except your WoG folder and run Far_Lands.exe
WOG_Far_Lands_Chapter1.rar (Link broken)

NOTE 3: Because the original download link is broken:
1. WOG_Far_Lands_Chapter1.rar (107 MB, the original file) (Link broken)
2. wog_farlands_chapter1_v1.0_condensed.7z (61 MB, condensed file) (Link broken)
To install the condensed version, just
- make a copy of any clean, unmodified WoG installation directory and
- extract the archive into the new directory

There is 1 screenshot.

World of Goo: Fard Lands!
VersionPlatformRelease DateFilenameSizeDownloads
1.1AllSun, 01/22/2012 - 10:19com.goofans.hany.FarLands_v1.1.goomod24.28 MB13,760
1.0AllWed, 11/18/2009 - 11:35com.goofans.hany.farlands_v1.goomod31.8 MB11,739

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