Awesome Level (also known as (a.k.a) Full Level 2)

Beauty needs escapeAuthor: nvittoa03
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Release date: 12/06/2013 - 04:33
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I'm back!!!
Sorry guys i'm back cause of Pivot Animations.
This year wants to end.

All are joined.
Beauty wants to escape.
She can run.
She can escape.

In the Chapter 3 willl have many features.
Coming 2014.

This is last level of this chapter.

New author to editing my level. Al- (VERSION 5.1 IS DELETED DUE TO THE CREATOR IS FAKE)

-Wheels and arms.
-Sticky bombs joined.
-Backgrounds now with nature and gears.
-First release.
-Bugs fixes.

Level created by nvittoa03
Level edited by nvittoa03 and Al- (THE 2ND EDITOR IS FAKE! GET OUT!)
Level based on The Third Wheel and Welcoming Unit

There are 9 screenshots.

Beauty needs escape
Blocking door
Beauty jet to get out.
The wheel needs beauty open the door.
Spikes to dead the goo from the wheel.
Arms to beauty go to the bottom lower basement.
Buster 1 there are 3 busters. 1 big and 2 smaller.
Use this to go to pipe. (And the left it's 2nd busters there are 2.)
Pipe it's to beauty escape.
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