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nvittoa03Sat, 10/28/2017 - 11:096.77m79510 hours 56 min
Vitto 2Mon, 08/12/2013 - 03:519.53m7911 day 6 hours
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Raining Beauty

The Beauties - Raining Beauty

nvittoa03 is returned! I was not playing WOG so much. Now, I will!
So, nvittoa03 in... Raining Beauty!

Look at the sky! The sky is filled with something. It's Raining Beauties! Hallelujah!

There are 5 beauties in the level. The balls required is 45 balls. And it's only for Beauty Products. The beauty required to finish the level is 3 Beauties. But if you do 5 beauties (90 Balls) you will get an OCD.

This level is finally published! You finally can download and use this level.
If you can, you can make a walktrough video of this level, and I will put it in here.



No Way Out


I'm back at making levels again. YAY!
Thumbs up if you glad that i'am back.

nvittoa03 in... NO WAY OUT!
The goo balls are trap and there's no way out. However, there is a way to escape. They must escape by break the walls. However, this level is almost hard. Yes, just almost. So if you want OCD, take your time.
This is No Way Out

OCD: 6.1 = 39 balls
6.2 = 43 balls

The music in version 6.1 is The Phantoms - This is a War, which i changed due to copyrights.


First Stable Release

-Increase the OCD balls to 43 balls

Hopes and Dreams

In Chapter 5, i will now using shaders system, too make the level beautiful, and makes your eyes feel digitalic.

Anyways, nvittoa03 in...
Hopes and Dreams!

The Goo Balls are sleeping. And there is the
way to wake them up. And it's using beauty! But the door blocks beauty, so what do we do? Well, you have noticed, that the beside beauty, there are fire (fuse) goo balls who are not sleeping. After the door it's destroyed, the beauty will turn into small pieces, then wake up the goo balls.


First Release

(Nicholas Vitto Adrianto)


The NSA Jail

Beauty In NSA Jail

Welcome to Chapter 3. This chapter contains more better. More content. More features. More levels. New Character.

And now,today's level is The NSA's. All NSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (This description is property of the NSA.)

First Release

Level Created by nvittoa03

Goo Balls Playground

Late to join

We're back! This description has escape from the last level.
Welcome to another level. This is now Goo Ball Playground. Too many of goo balls are collabed. Can they got o show called "God Blessed You"?
6.0 : First Release.

Created by nvittoa03

Based on Connecting System Goo

Awesome Level (also known as (a.k.a) Full Level 2)

Beauty needs escape

I'm back!!!
Sorry guys i'm back cause of Pivot Animations.
This year wants to end.

All are joined.
Beauty wants to escape.
She can run.
She can escape.

In the Chapter 3 willl have many features.
Coming 2014.

This is last level of this chapter.

New author to editing my level. Al- (VERSION 5.1 IS DELETED DUE TO THE CREATOR IS FAKE)

-Wheels and arms.
-Sticky bombs joined.
-Backgrounds now with nature and gears.
-First release.
-Bugs fixes.

Level created by nvittoa03
Level edited by nvittoa03 and Al- (THE 2ND EDITOR IS FAKE! GET OUT!)

Kind Of Goo Balls

Blocked place

Ugly and Beauty Products are want to escape.
What him if you want escape?
It's use strand goo balls.

First Release

Level created by Nicholas Vitto Adrianto
Level edited by Nicholas Vitto Adrianto
Level based on Connecting System Goo.

Connecting System Goo

The Beauty - Connecting System Goo

nvittoa03 in... Connecting System Goo!
In this level. Of course, you must connect from one goo ball to another goo ball.

YES! FINALLY! 2013 was the time when this level created, and in 2017, it's finally PUBLISHED! You may download the level! Any bugs and suggestions for the level? Comment down! Also, you may make a walktrough level of this one, and i will put it in here.


-Most of the bad things were removed.
-Gear Ballbusters were decreased
-Much Better Level
-Decorative Level!
-Some Sign Painters were remaded due to expletives.


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