Raining Beauty

The Beauties - Raining BeautyAuthor: nvittoa03
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Release date: 10/28/2017 - 23:58
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nvittoa03 is returned! I was not playing WOG so much. Now, I will!
So, nvittoa03 in... Raining Beauty!

Look at the sky! The sky is filled with something. It's Raining Beauties! Hallelujah!

There are 5 beauties in the level. The balls required is 45 balls. And it's only for Beauty Products. The beauty required to finish the level is 3 Beauties. But if you do 5 beauties (90 Balls) you will get an OCD.

This level is finally published! You finally can download and use this level.
If you can, you can make a walktrough video of this level, and I will put it in here.


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The Beauties - Raining Beauty
The Gear - Raining Beauty
The Pipe - Raining Beauty
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