Flying Problem

Author: Flaky99
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Release date: 02/24/2013 - 04:20
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Note: I would suggest you play the level "Being Soggy" (you can find it in my addins) before this one.

These gooballs have some adventurous intentions. It took 5 years for them to climb this cliff! But sadly, they mistook a tree for the pipe and understood they are the dumbest goos in the world. With the help of your "best" friend (liquid) and some weight, the gooballs can successfully reach the pipe!

New gooballs:
The Flying Gooball:
When it encounters water, it inhales and flies away
tips: It has falling attachent which means you can attach weight gooballs to it

The Weight Gooball: A horrifyingly wrong experiment is the reason for the Soggy Gooball to mutate and become incredibly heavy
tips: It's weight can make the inhaled Flying Gooball more heavy

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