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Going Up Cool (big mess)

OCD, yes

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created this level for fun and... it's fun to play (not to get the OCD lol)

Gooballs from... lot of people!

Gooballs from:

decemberween tree

with new snow goo,s

hello there everyone I just made a Decemberween level for my newer friends

Flying Problem

Note: I would suggest you play the level "Being Soggy" (you can find it in my addins) before this one.

These gooballs have some adventurous intentions. It took 5 years for them to climb this cliff! But sadly, they mistook a tree for the pipe and understood they are the dumbest goos in the world. With the help of your "best" friend (liquid) and some weight, the gooballs can successfully reach the pipe!

New gooballs:
The Flying Gooball:
When it encounters water, it inhales and flies away
tips: It has falling attachent which means you can attach weight gooballs to it

Being Soggy

Hey guys. I know no one remembers me, but I'm back. And I bring a whole new level! You have to know that in this level EVERY gooball is important. And if you think you can make that detachable wall technique, you're very wrong. The new gooballs in this level are used to make some ground out of them by throwing them in the water. They'll inhale and then you'll be able to build on them. Sounds easy? Well, give my level a try!

They love each other!

The Poison single

Ahh... You know the feeling of the first kiss? Or the future first kiss. Well there are two goo balls that love each other! They are a little deadly. Or deadly most of the time... Ok ok! They are extremely deadly.


Abartic level

In this level, you have to think like a goo ball. Think like a goo ball. Think like a goo ball. Avoid using frozen Ivy balls, because they are undetachable. You can use the Ivy ball to warm up the Frozen Abartic ball, oh yes! The Abartic ball burns for 29 seconds, so OCD might be hard... (OCD 2 minutes)

Going North

Similar to Going up... The world of goo explosion ruined everything! Now all easy levels are ULTRA hard... WHY!?!? (The sign painter is angry)
Please click the "cake" to see the level. I dont know why it displays a cake image.

World of Oranges XD*

The orange world

*XD - X Definition
I love oranges! Do you love oranges?
Everything here is made of oranges!
A boat, a cliff, gooballs and the water!
Please tell me how to make a custom pipe
because I want to have a pipe that can suck only Portakal

Tower Of Goo (night version)

Welcome to the night version of Tower of Goo! Here you can see the glow goos, and a mysterious sign on a cloud. On the next level I publish, you will know who is that mysterious sign. (It`s not the sign painter)

The beautiful Night

This is my first level. The fireflies are yellow, and they tried to make the night become a day. But it`s still a dark night. It`s an easy level.


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