Froggy Long Freezing Road

Author: LuckyGooツ
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Release date: 01/06/2021 - 22:06
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let me introduce you to Froggy, froggy is a green frog that ... we are still studying how it can survive extreme cold ...

3 new Goos at this level

Freezing Common = Freezing Common is like the common goo, but with the difference that this species has 3 strands
These commons can freeze in contact with extreme cold, so be careful with those poles that produce extremely icy wind

Yeti Common: These goo are like the Freezing common, but they have several differences
These commons have fur that protects them from the cold of the place where they are found (this does not make them immune to freezing in extreme cold) they have 5 strands, err, but they are not very long, it is immune to ice spines and to the lake, but being immune to the ice lake it will fall to the bottom of the sea of ​​ice, so use them carefully

IvyNonBurnable: Ivy but it doesn't burn, simple

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